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i know what my heart is for

now we're moving, now we're taking control

I'll suprise you sometime, I'll come around.
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Hello, welcome to quiteascene, the icon journal of Sophie(vizioso, but has undergone countless other usernames. older entries are all hers), Ham(moonymaybemello) and Envy(aroshie). If you're going to take anything here, please read the following first;

- Comments make me happy.
- Credit is lovely, but I won't go e-crazy on you if you don't.
- Don't hotlink.
- Textless does not equal base.
- You may, however, add text to a textless banner - but not editing beyond that.
- Yes, I make fanart icons. Get over it. If you bitch at me for it, I'll ignore you. Simple as that.
- It'd be lovely if you joined.

affiliates are always welcome. just comment with your icon journal and I'd be glad to.

current affiliates:

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